Nrityakalya Dance Company is back with their second production “Bhaktha Baalas”. Bhaktha Baalas portrays stories of the famous child devotees such as Prahlad, Dhruva, Markendeya to name a few and many more from our mythology. Who were these child devotees and how were they drawn into devotion at such an young age. Their maiden production ‘Baalya’ in 2014 was a grand success. While Baalya portrayed the childhood stories of mythological Gods, Bhaktha Baalas is about the child devotees of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva who attained salvation at a very young age through their devotion.




Dhruva had wanted to sit on his father’s lap along with his step brother. But when his step mother told him ‘only God can allow you that privilege. Go ask him’, he set out seeking Lord Vishnu. His perseverance and determination at that young age helped him to focus and meditate upon the one and only Supreme Lord who appears and blesses him. Due to his immense devotion, The Lord  blesses him to become the “Dhruv Nakshathra” or the North Star.


Little Prahalad was the son of the demon king Hirankashupu. Even while in his mother's womb, he got to hear Narada's chants. Later he was taught by Narada in early childhood who taught him that “God is Omnipresent  and God saves his devotees”.  As a result, he was devoted towards Vishnu. Hiranyakashipu did not like Prahalada’s spiritual inclination and despite several warnings from his father, Prahlāda continued to worship Vishnu. After tolerating abuse from his dad, Prahlāda is eventually saved by Narasiṁha, Lord Vishnu in the form of a man-lion chimera. Prahalad’s devotion teaches us that Devotion can be practiced at any age.


Markandeya was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva like his parents who conquered Yama, the God of Death, when he tries to come and take away the young Markandeya.


With live orchestra by Bay Area’s finest artists rendering famous compositions of Saint Annamacharya, Saint Thyagaraja, Saint Purandara Dasa and other music compositions and direction by Snigdha Venkataramani for the stories, the music will be a treat to your ears. Large sets depicting palaces and forests and more will be a visual treat. In confluence with the young dancers and senior dancers dressed to character, the whole production is story coming to life.


Bhaktha Baalas not only portrays devotion to the Supreme, but also portrays how one can be determined towards to ultimate goals, in achieving them, believing and having trust in the supreme power, kindness towards to all living beings in the world, showing a mark of respect to parents and elders. These are some virtues one will see in the characters being portrayed in the dance drama. For some of us it also brings nostalgic memories of hearing these stories when we were growing up back home.


Through Bhaktha Baalas, Nrityakalya Dance Company aims to give a glimpse to our younger generation of our mythological stories. Come with your family and little children, experience Bhaktha Baalas and relive childhood through our dance drama production.


MAY 21st 3pm and 6:30 pm

Mission City center of performing Arts,

Santa Clara

Tickets : Kids :$15, Adults: $20, VIP: $30.