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1) Kunjalam : Level 1 - Beginners introduction to the art form, basic units of dance, posture, gesture introduction. Duration : 2.5 yrs to 3 years. Weekly 1 class for 30 - 60 min depending on the curriculum                                                                  Register here
3)Pooveni: Level 3 introduction of simple items, small jathis, the continuation of uses of hand gestures in dance. Duration: 1+ years Weekly 2 class for 60 - 90 min depending on the curriculum.                                                                                 
4): Jhumki :Level 4 introduction of simple kritis, pushpanjali, understanding  hand gestures in dance. Duration : 2+ years Weekly 2 class for 60 - 80 min recommended.
Performance opportunity level.                                                                              
5)Maalai: Level 5 introduction of complex kritis, performance items, introduction to abhinaya items understanding  hand gestures in dance. Duration :2 years. Weekly 2 class for 90 min recommended. Performance level .                                
6)Kanganam: Level 6 in preparation for a traditional repertoire and attending concerts, workshops. Furthermore preparing for arengetram if preferred by the teacher and desired by the student and further on training to become a solo performer. 2 class for 90 min recommended weekly. Arengetram preparations 1:1 classes                                                                                                                                
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