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Nrityakalya Dance Company was established in 2010 for young students and adults who are formally trained in the art form. The mission of the company is to impart the ancient classical dance art form - Bharathanatyam  to younger generations and to promote the rich culture of India through dances. Students of Nrityakalya have participated in 3 full length dance productions: Baalya - portraying childhood stories of gods and goddesses from mythology, Bhaktha Baalas - portraying child devotees of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva, Devaratha - vehicles of gods. Through their productions, the students are given a thorough understanding about Hindu mythology, culture and stories that revolve around those themes. Students have participated in many local dance festivals and have also won many prizes in local competitions organized by the community.

Nrityakalaya Dance  Company recently celebrated their 10 th Anniversary  digitally "NrityaDarshana" on OCT 10 2020.

The NDC dance studio is located in Cupertino and all classes are offered at this location. For information please write to

NDC Final Logo_Vector File.png
NDC Final Logo_Vector File.png
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